How to make money on Coomeet – how to register as a model, how much they pay, money withdrawals and reviews



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  1. What Coomeet is?
  2. Coomeet features
  3. How to become a Coomeet model?
  4. Account verification
  5. Personal account and settings
  6. Mobile version and app
  7. How much Coomeet models earn?
  8. Earning rules on Coomeet
  9. Partnership program
  10. Money withdrawal
  11. Reviews
  12. Coomeet counterparts
  13. Conclusion


Cam to cam chat coomeet


coomeet chatrouletteThere are many different communication facilities on the Internet, including all kinds of chatroulette. People use this stuff when they are boring, they want to find interlocutors, have fun, chat with the opposite sex, or see something unusual on camera. Girls can make good money on such websites, they just need to choose the right service.


Making money on Coomeet is one of the options to turn your time into money. On this page, we will tell and show you how to register as a model, how much Coomeet models earn, also we’ll tell you about money withdrawal and show you some reviews. This is not an ordinary video chat with broadcasts, there is a one-on-one communication here and every minute online is paid for.

What Coomeet is?

Video chat with a random selection of interlocutors. Girls from all over the world use this site to achieve awards for communicating with men. The website using is simple, there are no any useless functions. Registration takes a few minutes, and you can even try without any registration at all by launching a free chat.

Thanks to Coomeet, you can chat with different people around the world using your webcam. Men crave a communication, and girls provide communication services, getting paid for it. There are no general broadcasts here, as on webcam sites, so you don’t have to look for viewers. People of the opposite sex are selected for the communication and regardless of the type of communication, the payment is dripping every minute.

! Before you get such a job, find out every possible information about webcam earnings. There are many subtleties and tricks that can help you to make the greatest profit of communication.

This project has many counterparts, but Coomeet favorably comes on their backdrop. In addition to the fact that they pay for the time spent in the chat, you can earn money on a partnership program. Other benefits of the project: there are some competitions, there are really to make new acquaintances, and the main thing is that anonymity is guaranteed. The developers are constantly improving the system, making it even better than it was before.

Coomeet features

Online dating on this site has moved to a new level. You don’t even have to register and you won’t have to fill in your profile with data for a long time. And this is not the only hallmark:

  1. All acquaintances are in a video format, the interlocutors are connected randomly, they can be from any country.
  2. If a model want, she can block some countries in the settings so as not to meet people from certain regions.
  3. Only interlocutors of the opposite sex are selected; men with men or girls with girls do not meet. 4. Communication is only in the Cam to Cam format, i.e. the interlocutors see the picture from each other’s camera.
  4. Everything is anonymous and safe, you do not need to specify any personal data in your profile (moreover, it is forbidden to transfer your data).
  5. Developers use the latest technology to provide a stable video stream.

In general, this is an ordinary chatroulette, only with the possibility of earning money for girls. The men cannot work here, but they have access to thousands of women who are ready to keep up the conversation and men do not have to pay for this.

How to become a Coomeet model?

Go to the and immediately set the English language at the top.

Or press button below:


On the main page of the website there is a button “Try it for free”:

After you pressed this button, you are have to select a gender. If you press “Man”, the connection with the girl will start instantly. Remember, only women can make money, so you need to choose the second option if you are a woman and you want to earn money:

Select genre coomeet

Another page will be opened, you can try to enter the chat for free without registration or create an account using the link in the upper right corner:

There are two ways to register – the first is by email and password. The second is authorization by popular services (Google, facebook etc.). You can choose by yourself:

login with social networks

Whatever method you use, the next step – you have to choose your age and come up with a nickname:

enter you name

And the last step – email verification. Press the “Confirm” button, and you will receive a letter with a button:

e-mail verification in coomeet

After you done these simple steps, an account is created on an online dating site, which can already be used for work, but first you need to confirm your age, because the resource is only for adults.

Account verification

Persons may only use the system when they are over 18 years of age. Therefore, to get access to the chat, you need to make verification. As with many other webcam sites, you need to submit a document and appear in front of the lens with a passport in hand:

passport verification

On this website you can’t upload photos, you have to make a short video where you hold an identity card in your hands. For this, a webcam is used. Verification takes no more than 2 hours (sometimes it can take only15 minutes).

Personal account and settings

Now you can open your profile and see the website interface. Everything is very simple and available in English. On the top left, you will see several tabs for starting a video chat, with personal messages and Ranking, information about the contests is presented there:

coomeet enter

The administration regularly encourages the most active USA models. They organize a competition every day, week and month. Whoever earns the most points gets a bonus. However, it is not easy to break into the ranks of the leaders in the competition:

TOP models in coomeet chat USA

The cog next to the “Ranking” opens the settings. There you can set notification parameters and select language localization:

disable or enable notifications

On the right, on the same panel, there are some numbers – balance, tariff (payment per minute), partnership deductions (10% from the income of attracted girls). We will tell you about all this separately, but now let’s go open the profile by clicking on the last icon:


Here you can change your nickname, you can upload or take a photo for the profile, below there is a link to the account (it is also a referral one). On the side there is an icon to log out and at the bottom there is another cog that opens advanced settings:

You can change e-mail, age, request detailed account, and by clicking on three dots, you can even delete your account. Below is the field for changing the password. It is just impossible to get confused in such an interface. In addition, when your profile is verified, a little more functions will be available.

Mobile version coomeet and app

You can access to the site with any gadgets, the design is responsive and correctly displayed on devices with different display resolutions. The developers have already made an application for the IOS platform, but have not yet created a program for Android. Download buttons are at the bottom of the site:

mobile version coomeet

Log in with your phone and try to start a video chat without registration. Girls and guys have such an opportunity. Moreover, guys can get 5 free minutes after registration.

How much Coomeet models earn?

Everyone has different income, if you look at the Ranking, you can see that more than 5000 points are needed to enter the top ten in Ranking. One dollar equals 100 points. So, there are models who earn over $ 50 per day. This largely depends on the tariff (the rate of payment for each minute in the chat):

For beginners it is 3 points for the first minute and 9 points for the next. The amount of payment is displayed in your personal account on the top panel, how does it change and how much you really earn in dollars?

The maximum payment per minute is $0.19. It turns on from the second minute of communication and to switch to this tariff, you first have to spend 1099 minutes online (about 18.5 hours). You can track how many minutes were spent in video chat through the statistics in the same section:

It is also needed to calculate the days off. To increase the rating, the model must be active 5 days a week. Then she have weekends that can be used at any time without reducing the tariff.

Earning rules on Coomeet

Nobody reads the agreement when registering, but it is very important to read such stuff. For violation of some rules, the account may be blocked without the right to restore. Moreover, it will be impossible to create a new account. To avoid such problems, avoid the following points:

  1. You can not indicate a minor age and generally speak about kids.
  2. It is forbidden to disclose personal information, both your own and others’.
  3. During communication, it is strictly forbidden to record video or audio.
  4. Models should not lure gifts and ask for payment outside of the site.
  5. It is best not to try to impersonate another person when registering.
  6. It is forbidden to use links and brand names in the login.
  7. Relaying someone else’s content in chats is punishable by blocking.
  8. Keep your opinions about other users to yourself.
  9. Demonstrate explicit porn while not in private.
  10. The face of the model must be visible in the frame.

This is only a brief summary, we recommend you to read the entire agreement. In some cases, a temporary ban is provided, its term is set by the moderator. All penalties are individual.

Partnership program Coomeet

There are two options to work with Coomeet. If a model account is registered, click on the percentage indicator (next to the profile icon) and a window with a link and conditions will open:

Partnership program chat Coomeet

There is a link here, and below you can see what bonuses you can get for referring friends. The amount is set depending on how long they subscribe to. As for 10% of girlfriends, here are fixed amounts


1500 points ($ 15) are awarded for a referral’s purchase of the most expensive subscription, and if the invited model earns 5000 points, you get 500 points ($ 5). The second way of cooperation is a separate partnership program. You can open it with the bottom menu of the site (scroll any page to the bottom):


For webmasters Coomeet

The official website of the Webmasters Coomeet partnership program will open. Here you will see your username and password, settings, balance, statistics and you can use promotional materials:

If you work with a partnership program, you get 40% of the payment for subscriptions by referrals and 5% of the income of the invited partners.

Here, payments are made weekly, the minimum amount is $ 50, transfers are possible to Webmoney or PayPal.

For large partners, individual conditions are offered.


Money withdrawal

Coomeet models have a minimum withdrawal – $ 50, but there are more ways to get money. Payments are available on Webmoney, QIWI, ЮMoney, ePayService or VISA bank cards. When you have more than 5000 points, click on the balance and a window for submitting an application will open


On average, transactions are processed for 2 days, but there are delays. Payment details are filled in at the first withdrawal. There are no hidden fees, the funds are coming in steadily.

Reviews coomeet

The opinions of the models working on this site are different. There are reviews where they complain about low income and an unpleasant audience (some perverts). But there are also a lot of positive comments. If we work stably and reach the most expensive tariff, the profit will not be so low.

Some experienced models who receive earn 0.19 dollars per minute do not complain. In addition, they get into competitions. The site has the opportunity to try for free and without registration, use it to evaluate the project by yourself.

Coomeet counterparts


There are many other websites where you can communicate with people and get paid for it too. Erotic videochat is suitable for broadcasts with a large number of viewers. Despite their age limit, it is also possible to work there and be dressed. The best ones:

If you decide to build a career in this area, then you need to register on all platforms at once. Each account is an additional advertisement for a model account. When the base of regular customers is accumulated, income will increase.


The Coomeet service isn’t as well as the most popular webcam sites, but it is very different from them. Here people get to know each other and communicate face-to-face, in closed rooms, which is an absolute advantage. In addition, you do not have to sit in free chats, we can generally say that private is immediately turned on with per-minute tariffication. Try it, it is not the best project but you have to mention it.